Transformative Investments for Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneurs

We’re Indigenous.
We invest in Indigenous social enterprises – and a better future

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Why invest in the

Raven Capital Fund?

We believe that investing from a platform of Indigenous values can address our biggest social, economic, and environmental challenges.

We work in partnership with Indigenous social enterprises to accelerate their success by providing access to capital and bespoke technical assistance, within an Indigenous cultural framework. Our objective is to help Indigenous entrepreneurs achieve their goals, strengthen the Indigenous economy, and have a positive and lasting impact on the ecosystem.

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About us.

We’re Indigenous and we invest in Indigenous social enterprise.

Our purpose is to facilitate the flow of capital through impact investing, and to support the ongoing revitalization of the Indigenous economy in Canada.

An Indigenous Approach to Impact Investing

As an Indigenous intermediary, we honor the Seven Sacred Teachings and we operate from the perspective of the Indigenous world view. We follow traditional Indigenous protocols, we work for the well being of people and the planet, and we acknowledge our responsibility to the next seven generations.

Indigenous Impact

We build relationships with Indigenous communities and Indigenous entrepreneurs to drive sustainable change. We seek to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges, by supporting Indigenous innovators.

Case study.

Aki Energy is a non-profit social enterprise that works with First Nations to lower energy costs and grow strong local economies. Energy bills can be costly in many First Nations and the bulk of that money is used to pay people outside the community. Aki Energy trains local tradespeople in renewable energy installation, lowering utility bills and increasing meaningful, skilled employment in First Nations.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is working with Aki Energy to scale their impact across Manitoba and beyond. We’re using a unique tool – an outcomes buying contract – to finance their expansion, incentivize key players to invest in more efficient, renewable energy for First Nations, and create pathways for Indigenous social enterprises.

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