Raven Indigenous Impact Fund (Raven Fund I)

The Raven Indigenous Impact Fund focuses on bringing flexible patient capital to invest with Indigenous social enterprises and community-owned enterprises in Canada that are at an early-and-growth stage. The Fund will enable Indigenous social enterprises to access resources and opportunities needed to succeed from a trusted partner. The Fund represents a sustainable, values-driven approach to poverty reduction and community resilience that will directly contribute to the development of an Indigenous middle class. Enterprises are screened through a unique Indigenous impact lens and the Fund focuses on deal sizes that range from $250K to $1.1M. The Fund will offer a combination of bespoke technical/managerial assistance to support a new generation of Indigenous social enterprise.

For Investors, the Fund seeks to combine a strong social and environmental impact statement and generate competitive returns. As a demonstration fund, Raven is creating the pathways into Indigenous communities, building critical relationships and growing a large base of entrepreneurs and enterprises that are investment ready. The fund is targeting a 4-6% (net IRR), two-year investment period over an 8-year fund life. Please contact us for more details.

Animikii Raises $1M to Scale Social Impact Through Indigenous Technology

News Release - June 18, 2019:  Animikii Inc.

Animikii team picture

Animikii is excited to announce that it has successfully raised $1 million in financing from Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (Raven) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). The funds will be used to further build out the team and support the further development of Animikii’s Indigenous data sovereignty product to complement the company’s existing digital services.

“This $1 million in financing marks an historic event as it is the largest investment of its kind to support an Indigenous technology social enterprise on Turtle Island.” says founder Jeff Ward. He continued, “We hope to lead the way for other Indigenous tech companies to access capital at this level in the future.”

The financing consists of $750k equity investment from Raven, who will be joining Animikii’s board. Jeff Cyr, Managing Partner at Raven says

“As an Indigenous impact investor in Canada, we found the perfect partner in Animikii, a cutting edge tech firm with a deep impact narrative and Canada’s first Indigenous B Corp, it’s really a trifecta for impact investment. We believe Animikii is amongst the first in a wave of high value Indigenous social enterprises.”
For more information on Animikii and to read the full article click here.

New venture capital fund helps Indigenous businesses scale

News Release - June 9, 2019:  Globe and Mail online

Animikii bird logo The Raven team is excited to announce the initial closing of Raven Fund 1 and it's first equity investment in a Canadian Indigenous business. Read the Globe and Mail article on initial closing of Raven Impact Fund I and investment in Animikii Indigenous Technology. Animikii is a digital agency that drives social innovation through Indigenous technology.  
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