Aki geothermal installation

Our Products and Services.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (RICP) is Canada’s first Indigenous financial intermediary and develops products and services that:

  1. Are designed to facilitate impact investing into Indigenous communities
  2. Address identified financing gaps for Indigenous people and enterprises
  3. Use innovative solutions finance mechanisms that put Indigenous communities, people, and values first, and
  4. Broadly seek to create lasting change in Indigenous communities.

Raven Indigenous Impact Fund (Raven Fund I)

The Raven Indigenous Impact Fund focuses on bringing flexible patient capital to invest with Indigenous social enterprises and community-owned enterprises in Canada that are at an early-and-growth stage. The Fund will enable Indigenous social enterprises to access resources and opportunities needed to succeed from a trusted partner. The Fund represents a sustainable, values-driven approach to poverty reduction and community resilience that will directly contribute to the development of an Indigenous middle class. Enterprises are screened through a unique Indigenous impact lens and the Fund focuses on deal sizes that range from $250K to $1.1M. The Fund will offer a combination of bespoke technical/managerial assistance to support a new generation of Indigenous social enterprise.

For Investors, the Fund seeks to combine a strong social and environmental impact statement and generate competitive returns. As a demonstration fund, Raven is creating the pathways into Indigenous communities, building critical relationships and growing a large base of entrepreneurs and enterprises that are investment ready. The fund is targeting a 4-6% (net IRR), two-year investment period over an 8-year fund life. Please contact us for more details.

Solutions Finance Tools

Outcomes Contract Financing model

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners works with Indigenous communities and enterprises to develop innovative financial tools to address critical social, financing, and policy barriers. These tools have great potential for the beneficiary communities to scale effective solutions as well as offer investors and outcomes buyers new pathways to deploy capital and achieve robust social outcomes.

Currently, Raven has developed a first-of-its-kind Community Driven Outcomes Contract for geo-thermal installation on-reserve in Manitoba. The delivery agent for the contract is Aki Energy Inc., an award-winning Indigenous social enterprise. Raven continues to seek investors for this as well as other solutions finance opportunities.

Advisory Services

The principals and team at Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (Raven) combine deep knowledge of Indigenous communities across Canada (trust/relationship capital) with investment readiness, principal investing, and fund management track record (financial capital). In order to drive the change required in Canada to achieve reconciliation and bring about economic equity, Raven offers advisory services to a range of clientele, including financial institutions, philanthropic foundations, family offices, governments, private corporations, non-profits, and community-based organizations seeking advice and assistance across a variety of investment and financial topics. Please contact us for any inquiries.