Our Approach.

Revitalizing Canada's Indigenous economy by investing in Indigenous entrepreneurs

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is Canada’s first Indigenous financial intermediary. We are Indigenous-led and we play the long game. Our mission is to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the capital and expertise they need to succeed. Our vision is a revitalized Indigenous economy in Canada.

An Indigenous Lens

Traditionally, investors are only concerned with profit, while impact investing uses the power of capital to drive social change. Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is the first impact investment firm to embed Indigenous ways of knowing and being into every investment. That means we are community-driven and work with people who know, like, and trust us. It means we empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the tools they need to serve their communities. It means we facilitate long-term social, economic, and environmental change by bringing capital and expertise to new places.

Indigenous food processing plant

Using Creative Solutions

We use unique investments to expand businesses and their impact. We help Indigenous entrepreneurs access capital and we help investors put their money to work in something meaningful. We structure our investments in ways that make sense for the entrepreneur, the investor, and the community.

Solar farm in Canadian North

Supporting Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is an organization that uses traditional business principles to achieve a social mission. Social enterprises can be for-profit or non-profit, but they must contribute to some social good.

Social enterprises focus on a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) is aligned with Indigenous values; we support businesses that do good for their communities.

Aki energy heavy equipment

Increasing Relationship Capital

Collectively, the Raven Indigenous Capital Partners team has worked with and for the Indigenous community for decades. It’s important to us that Indigenous entrepreneurs are able to work with people they know and trust, including our team. Our investments are more than just a handshake - they are ongoing relationships, they are partnerships. If you, as an entrepreneur or investor, succeed, so do we.

Providing Technical Assistance

We’ve been around investors for decades and we know what a business needs to be investment-ready. We customize our offerings to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and tools to get their businesses where they want them.