Impact Financing

Social Finance for Social Good.

Social finance harnesses the power of private capital to achieve social and environmental outcomes while obtaining an economic return, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for organizations seeking capital and for investors seeking to benefit society. Social finance is a broad term that encapsulates a variety of financial tools, used to achieve these social, environmental, and financial returns, including impact investing, community bonds, social impact bonds, development impact bonds, success notes, pay-for-performance vehicles, and our own Community-Driven Outcomes Contracts.

Impact investing differs from traditional investment in both intention and measurement. Investors are purposeful about allocating capital to initiatives they believe will generate positive social or environmental returns in addition to financial returns. Investees are also seeking to create positive social or environmental outcomes with their work. Impact measurement ensures that these good intentions translate into tangible social or environmental benefits.

Impact Themes


Vibrant Communities

Indigenous Peoples in Canada rank 63rd on the United Nations Human Development Index. 53% of Indigenous children live below the poverty line.

Empowering Women

There are more than 1,000 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada. Female Indigenous entrepreneurs face additional barriers in accessing capital.

Job Creation

There are more than 53,000 Indigenous enterprises in Canada. Over half cite access to appropriate capital as the primary barrier to growth.

Social Justice

Indigenous Peoples face acute inequalities in incomes, educational attainment, health, and potable water and housing access.

Indigenous Worldview

We embed Indigenous ways of knowing and being into every investment.

Creative Solutions

We use unique investment vehicles to expand businesses and their impact.

Breathe New Life

Our mission is to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the capital and expertise they need to succeed. Our vision is a robust and resilient Indigenous economy in Canada.