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Raven Indigenous Capital Partners statement of love and reflection on the 215 Indigenous children found at the Kamloops residential school.

About Raven


"There is nothing more empowering than someone believing in the vision of your brand as much as you do. It is life changing."

Jenn Harper, CEO Cheekbone Cosmetics


Solutions Finance

Raven works with Indigenous communities and enterprises to develop innovative financial tools that address critical social, financing, and policy barriers.

Indigenous Impact

We build relationships with Indigenous entrepreneurs to drive sustainable change and address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

An Indigenous Approach to Impact Investing

As an Indigenous intermediary, we honor the Seven Sacred Teachings and we operate from the perspective of the Indigenous world view. We follow traditional Indigenous protocols, we work for the well being of people and the planet, and we acknowledge our responsibility to the next seven generations.


Love - The Eagle

To know LOVE is to know peace.

Respect - The Buffalo

To honor all of the Creation is to have RESPECT.

Bravery - The Bear

BRAVERY is to face the foe with integrity

Honesty - The Sabe

HONESTY also means “righteousness”, be honest first with yourself – in word and action

Wisdom - The Beaver

To cherish knowledge is to know WISDOM

Humility - The Wolf

HUMILITY is to know yourself as a sacred part of the Creation

Truth - The Turtle

TRUTH is to know all of these things
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Vibrant Communities
of Indigenous children live below the poverty line.
Empowering Women
There are more than 1,000 Murdered and Missing Indigenous women in Canada.
Job Creation
Indigenous enterprises in Canada.  Over half cite access to appropriate capital as the primary barrier to growth.
Social Justice
Indigenous Peoples in Canada that face inequality in income, education, health, clean water and housing.

Outcomes thatbuild communityempower womencreate jobsachieve social justiceare the core of our business

We invest in innovative, scalable Indigenous-led and owned enterprises. At Raven, we partner with entrepreneurs to increase their chance of success.  We invest in the outcomes that matter most to Indigenous peoples in Canada and align our work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable Development Goals

Gender equality
Economic Growth
Reduced inequalities
Our approach

Revitalizing Canada's Indigenous economy by investing in Indigenous entrepreneurs

Through an Indigenous lens

We embed Indigenous ways of knowing and being into every investment.

Using creative solutions

We use unique investment vehicles to expand businesses and their impact.

To breathe life into an Indigenous economy

Our mission is to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the capital and expertise they need to succeed. Our vision is a revitalized Indigenous economy in Canada.

Investing in Economic Reconciliation

Social finance harnesses the power of private capital to achieve social and environmental outcomes while obtaining an economic return, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for organizations seeking capital and for investors seeking to benefit society. Social finance is a broad term that encapsulates a variety of financial tools, used to achieve these social, environmental, and financial returns, including impact investing, community bonds, social impact bonds, development impact bonds, success notes, pay-for-performance vehicles, and our own Community-Driven Outcomes Contracts.

Impact investing differs from traditional investment in both intention and measurement. Investors are purposeful about allocating capital to initiatives they believe will generate positive social or environmental returns in addition to financial returns. Investees are also seeking to create positive social or environmental outcomes with their work. Impact measurement ensures that these good intentions translate into tangible social or environmental benefits.

Raven and Social Finance

We blend financial innovation with Indigenous ways of knowing and being, applying the resulting tools and techniques to solve problems in the Indigenous ecosystem and simultaneously create a reconciliation economy. We believe an ecosystem approach is required to drive the change we are seeking and that solutions must operate at the individual, enterprise, community, and systems levels. This approach is shown in our social finance solutions, which include:

An Impact Investment Fund

The Raven Indigenous Impact Fund invests in innovative, scalable, purpose-driven Indigenous-led and owned enterprises. Indigenous entrepreneurs gain access to capital allowing them to scale their impact and addressing the UN's SDGs at the enterprise level.

Indigenous Financial Instruments

The growth of social finance has required innovation in the kinds of financial instruments investors use. Raven's signature social finance instrument, the Community-Driven Outcomes Contract or CDOC, is an innovative pay-for-performance instrument. Instead of being driven by government priorities, CDOCs are guided by what communities want and need.

Indigenous Solutions Labs

These are multi-stakeholder gatherings that allow for the co-creation of solutions to seemingly intractable problems, such as high diabetes rates in Indigenous communities. Our Solutions Labs are based on social innovation labs but are grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and being and ceremony. They challenge the status quo and allow for systems-level change while maintaining a focus on community priorities and needs.

The Fireweed Fellowship

Fireweed is Canada's first national Indigenous accelerator program. The Fellowship supports Indigenous entrepreneurs towards investment readiness and prosperity using a decolonized approach. The impacts are seen at the entrepreneur level.

Indigenous Impact Measurement

Measuring the real impact of all our initiatives is crucial to ensuring that Raven's work supports Indigenous Peoples as intended. We created the Raven Impact Measurement Framework (RIM) to ensure that our measurement process is consistent with Indigenous ways of knowing and being and to guide us in engaging communities to measure what really matters. The RIM employs both community and systems-level lenses on impact and its measurement.

Social Finance Tools

Our solutions

We build relationships that create solutions.

We work with Indigenous communities and enterprises to develop innovative financial tools that address critical social, financing, and policy barriers.

Clean 50
Raven and partner organization Aki Energy Inc. received Canada's Clean50 Top 20 Project award in 2020 for their social finance work with Manitoba First Nations.
Leading Social Entrepreneurs

This e-book features our Managing Partner and 2019 Ashoka Fellow Jeff Cyr and the concept of community-driven outcomes purchasing.


Jeff Cyr, Stephen Nairne and Paul Lacerte picture

from our Partner's desk

We do what we do because we want to lift up Indigenous Peoples. The time is ripe for meaningful change; one way to accelerate long-term solutions is to put power and resources back into the hands of Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities. In our case, this looks like direct investment in innovative, scalable enterprises; it looks like partnerships with Indigenous communities and organizations; it looks like building unique new pathways towards prosperity for Indigenous peoples.

We hope you join us on this journey.

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