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Mission & vision

To empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with
the capital and expertise they need to succeed.

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We’re Indigenous and we invest in Indigenous social enterprise. Our purpose is to facilitate the flow of capital through impact investing, and to support the ongoing revitalization of the Indigenous economy in Canada.



Our vision is a revitalized Indigenous economy in Canada.

Indigenous people in Canada struggle to remove impediments to economic inclusion, growth, and wealth. Because of these barriers, Indigenous entrepreneurs who work hard to get ahead don’t have access to the same resources as their non-Indigenous counterparts. Indigenous entrepreneurs cannot, or do not want to, access traditional capital, which slows down growth. They do not have capacity-building support or expertise in their communities, even though their entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Economic reconciliation is a non-starter, as Indigenous entrepreneurs are rarely able to scale their businesses, even if they have strong ideas and product offerings.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners was founded as a solution to this oft-seen problem. We use existing structures - impact investing and strong relationships in the Indigenous community - to breathe life into a re-emerging Indigenous economy. Our namesake, the Raven, is central to rebirth and transformation in Indigenous cultures. We endeavour to use the element of transformation in our work, creating an equitable and prosperous future for Indigenous peoples in Canada.


Our mission is to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the capital and expertise they need to succeed.

We help Indigenous entrepreneurs achieve their goals, strengthen the Indigenous economy, and have a positive and lasting impact on the ecosystem. 

What we do.

  • We Build Strong Business Foundations

    Our team works with entrepreneurs to ensure that they are investment-ready. We point them to the resources they need to build strong business models and product offerings.

  • We Provide Bespoke Technical Assistance

    Every social enterprise is different and has different needs, so we customize our approach to each entrepreneur.

  • We Broker Win-Win Relationships

    Our managing partners have worked extensively with the Indigenous community in Canada. We give social entrepreneurs the opportunity to access the resources they need from someone they trust, while giving investors the opportunity to invest in competitive returns and long-term social and environmental impact.

Our Mission

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