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We build relationships with Indigenous communities and
Indigenous entrepreneurs to drive sustainable change.

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Raven’s investees are creating social impact through Indigenous identity, tradition, and knowledge

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The Raven leadership team’s dedication to social impact investment, decolonization, and the revitalization of the Indigenous economy is not a mission they expect to take on alone. Every business that Raven invests in has a social mandate to uplift Indigenous People and give back.

To be seen and acknowledged can be especially important for Indigenous People – validation changes and inspires lives. Jennifer Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty, started her digitally native cosmetics company with $500 in her pocket and a dream that Indigenous People deserve to be seen in a multi-billion-dollar industry. Raven’s belief that an investment’s worth is founded in people is reflective in how Jennifer strives to create positive changes in her community. Rooted in their ties to Indigenous identity, respect and tradition, Cheekbone Beauty is committed to sustainability – biodegradable packaging, vegetable dyes, and reducing plastic waste. Cheekbone Beauty has donated over $108,000 to worthwhile causes, including Shannen’s Dream, an education program for Indigenous youth that aims to provide students with the same opportunities afforded to non-Indigenous youth, but one that respects Indigenous languages and culture.

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Investors are seeking to work with more Indigenous owned and operated companies

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We are going to reprogram money so that it stops acting like extraction and power imbalance and it starts acting like love and healing.”

– Paul Lacerte


Social impact investing has gone through a reckoning over the past decade. Small, social enterprises and multinational corporations alike are committing to building an economy that values inclusivity, diversity, and equity. As altruism becomes a driving force behind social investment, many Canadian companies are intentional about uplifting Indigenous Peoples and revitalizing the Indigenous economy. Take, as example, these four companies that invested in Raven Capital Indigenous Impact Fund.

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Revitalizing the Indigenous economy through technology

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Technology plays a key role in the growth and development of any community. Breaking down the established colonial barrier - especially within the tech industry - is a key step in helping Indigenous businesses scale and thrive. It also brings Indigenous People closer to Nation sovereignty.

Lawrence Lewis is the founder of OneFeather. OneFeather is a technology company breaking barriers through innovative banking solutions, modern election and voting services, and by creating jobs within Indigenous communities. As a social scientist, activist, and member of We Wai Kai Nation, Lawrence is redefining our modern experiences through an Indigenous lens. Through Raven’s investment, Lawrence and his team at OneFeather have the opportunity to develop digital technology for Nations that are ready to embrace it. “In 2019, we were primarily a consulting company – doing elections and software solutions on the side,” Lawrence said. Because of Raven, “we’re now a technology company that does consulting on the side.”

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Indigenous entrepreneurs receive $25 million boost from world’s first Indigenous Impact Fund

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Indigenous entrepreneurs are benefiting following the Final Close of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners’ (Raven) Impact Investment Fund with $25 million in capital commitments from 38 investors drawn from across Canada and the United States. The Fund closed on January 31, 2021.

The Raven Indigenous Impact Capital Fund I was launched in response to the resource gap faced by many Indigenous entrepreneurs. Despite Indigenous entrepreneurs’ strong ideas and product offerings, systemic racism and colonization have blocked their access to the capital and crucial capacity-building opportunities that spur growth in non-Indigenous enterprises.

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Raven Capital Partners selected to the ImpactAssets 50 2021

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Raven Indigenous Capital Partners has been selected as an Emerging Impact Manager (EIM) for the ImpactAssets 50 2021 (IA 50). The EIM firms that were selected for the IA 50 2021 were chosen to represent newer fund managers to watch that demonstrate potential to create meaningful impact. The EIM list represents firms with unique strategies, under-represented impact themes or diversity in leadership in view of application pool.

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