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June 15, 2020 - For immediate release

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners today announced an investment of $250,000 into the Social Awareness Group; a technology company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded by Aaron Lambie, Kris Vanderburg, Joseph Duperreault, and Jacquelyn Cardinal in 2019, the company is brought together by a shared belief: Through small shifts, society can create positive changes in the relationships between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous society. Motivated by their vision of "Indigenous Prosperity Globally" their flagship web-based product Nisto Link is an evolution of socioeconomic supply chain and hiring efforts to the industrial marketplace. For companies who have Indigenous prosperity as part of their current and future road map, Nisto Link plays a central role in illustrating objective data that connects corporate policy to actual results.

So much of our political and economic discussions assume that success is a zero-sum game, and that’s just not true. The work we do is our response to recognizing that we all have an obligation to ensure that Indigenous communities aren’t forgotten as the world continues to change around us.  The impacts of COVID-19 on our economies only makes this call to action more urgent.

Aaron Lambie, CEO at the Social Awareness Group

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