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Advisory Services for Indigenous Enterprises, Communities, Governments and Impact Investors

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Raven Capital’s primary role is to optimize social and environmental benefits stemming from our investments in Indigenous enterprises (through the Raven Fund) and Indigenous communities (through Community-Led Social Outcomes Contracts).

Our work is rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being and our approach centers Indigenous culture and Indigenous communities.

Raven Capital + is our specialized investment readiness and impact advisory services team.

Our primary offering is the provision of customized investment readiness assessment, planning and training to Indigenous social purpose organizations and communities.

This training is provided in Tiers based on clients’ needs:

An initial assessment of the client's investment readiness and priorization of capacity building requirements
A formal proposal with a menu of customized advisory services from which the client may select
Ongoing mentorship connections to appropriate capital, execution and transaction advice

Our approach

Raven Capital + provides advice to HNW investors, Family Offices, Foundations, Institutional Investors, Governments, Philanthropists and Indigenous Trusts on strategies for effective entry into the emerging Indigenous social finance ecosystem.

Raven Capital + has emerged as a preferred partner for public policymakers and foundations as they look for ways to support the development of a vibrant Indigenous innovation and social finance ecosystem. Our team takes on a small number of research assignments each year that we believe will meaningfully advance this ecosystem. Our most recent assignment was the development of an Indigenous Impact Measurement system that combined both objective metrics with Indigenous storytelling.

Raven Capital + is a leader in the development of social finance solutions to complex issues in communities. Raven has constructed and deployed multiple Indigenous Innovation Labs that are solutions focussed tools that bring communities, investors, outcomes purchases, governments, Indigenous social enterprises and other players in the eco-system together to build best-in-class business cases to drive community-led solutions and innovative finance tools based on achieving successful outcomes.

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