Raven Northern Lights Fund

A Unique Partnership and Fund. By Northerners, for Northerners.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners and EntrepreNorth have a shared commitment to drive change in the North for Northern and Indigenous people. Therefore, we have taken a collaborative approach to develop a Fund that seeks to facilitate the rebirth of a Northern economy​. 

The Raven Northern Lights Fund has been purpose built to reflect the North, northern Indigenous entrepreneurs, and the unique nature of the Northern economy​. 

“Catalysts of long-term economic change and building a resilient Northern economy.” 


About the Fund 

Stay tuned!!
The Raven Northern Lights Fund is currently in development. We'll be announcing the launch soon!

The Raven Northern Lights Fund is a micro-venture capital impact fund that will utilize revenue royalty and equity structures to invest in Northern Indigenous enterprises in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Inuit Nunagat. We are aiming to invest between $50,000-$250,000 in revenue royalty deals and $250,000- $1.5M of equity into enterprises. 


Message to Investors 

Raven Capital is committed to generating competitive returns for investors alongside positive social and environmental impact captured through our proprietary Indigenous impact measurement framework.​ 

The Fund is led by Northerners and staffed in the North​.


The Investment Team 

Misty Ireland, Investment Associate 
Investment Readiness Catalyst, EntrepreNorth 


Strategic and Support Team 

Jeffrey Cyr, Managing Partner 
Benjamin Scott, Project Director, EntrepreNorth 
Stephen Nairne, Chief Investment Officer 
Paul Lacerte, Managing Partner 

For more information contact Misty Ireland 

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Raven Northern Lights Fund