June 8, 2021

Coming off the heels of her CBC Dragon Den’s pitch, CEO, Jenn Harper of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics is glowing. Her cosmetic company didn’t receive what she wanted from the Dragon’s Den but instead received $50K from Desjardins and a major new investment of $350,000 from Raven.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners announced an investment of $350,000 into Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics; a leading Indigenous natural cosmetics company headquartered in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Founded by Jenn Harper (an Anishinaabe marketing professional) in 2016, the company launched its branded product line using a sophisticated brand ambassador social media strategy, and now ships lipsticks, glosses, contour kits, and brow products across Canada, the United States, and Australia. Cheekbone also embeds a deep social mission in its business model, donating ten percent of profits to the First Nation’s Child and Family Caring Society. Prior to this investment, Jenn had bootstrapped Cheekbone Beauty, while raising a family and working full-time.

There is nothing more empowering than someone believing in the vision of your brand as much as you do. It is life-changing. I’m really looking forward to our new relationship with Raven Capital so that I can scale Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics with confidence. This is a product with a mission! said Jenn Harper, CEO of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics.

The beauty industry has experienced explosive growth over the past five years and continues to outpace broader economic trends. Half of that growth has come from online sales, which has been the basis of Cheekbone Beauty since its inception. This is part of a generational shift to organic, locally made, artisanal brands that have a compelling, mission-aligned narrative for young consumers.

Cheekbone will achieve sustained traction in the marketplace, this is another exciting example of the innovation emerging out of Indigenous communities. We have a shared vision towards building economic reconciliation in Canada. It’s inspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs like Jenn Harper, driving systemic change and building dynamic and resilient Indigenous communities, said Jeff Cyr, Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners.

Cheekbone Beauty is a real-time demonstration of Indigenomics in action! Combining purpose, meaning and Indigenous resilience - this company is going places! Indigenous entrepreneurial success bolstered by the entrance of Indigenous controlled capital in the market through Raven Capital is how success will be built in our communities, said Carol Anne Hilton, CEO of Indigenomics Institute.