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Outcomes Contract Financing model

Our collective experience working in and engaging with Indigenous communities is that current funding models and approaches have failed to produce lasting change or impact. Indigenous communities face the most pressing social and economic problems in Canada and billions of dollars of annualized spending by the state has largely failed to achieve better outcomes. At Raven we believe that in order to make lasting change we have to rethink how we approach social problems and we have to center Indigenous communities and Indigenous knowledge in that approach. That is the only way we can drive solutions that work at scale.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners works with Indigenous communities and enterprises to develop innovative financial tools that address critical social, financing, and policy barriers. These tools have great potential for the beneficiary communities to scale effective solutions as well as offer investors and outcomes purchasers new pathways to deploy capital and achieve robust social outcomes.

Discussing investment strategies

Raven undertakes a 3 stage process in order to develop innovative social finance solutions with communities;

  1. Deep Community Engagement: As an Indigenous Social finance intermediary we work with Indigenous social enterprises and communities, to identify critical barriers and build on what works.
  2. Indigenous Solutions Lab: Raven builds and deploys Indigenous Solutions Lab processes that takes communities, experts, outcomes buyers and investors through a design to execution process leading to social finance solutions (business case) that can be brought to market.
  3. Social finance instruments: Raven designs and deploys social finance instruments engaging and securing outcomes purchasers, investors and partners.
Aki Energy discusses geo-thermal installations

At the core of this process, we maintain a focus on investment readiness and cost effectiveness in the development of Community-Driven Outcomes Contracts. Currently, Raven has developed a first-of-its-kind Community-Driven Outcomes Contract for geo-thermal installation on-reserve in Manitoba. The delivery agent for the contract is Aki Energy Inc., an award-winning Indigenous social enterprise. Raven is currently running Indigenous Solutions Labs that focus on achieving better health outcomes and in clean energy solutions across Canada. Raven continues to seek investors for this as well as other solutions finance opportunities.

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